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Upcycling pineapple leaves into eco-aerogels

Harvesting pineapples, results in tons of pineapple leaves waste which are usually left to rot or are burned. This could, in turn, release harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases that can cause serious environmental problems. To address this challenge, researchers from National University of Singapore have devised a simple and low-cost method of using pineapple leaf

Inspirational ideas: Corn cob as a renewable energy source

The corn residue (woody ring corn pith and husks) is frequently discarded as a by-product in the field because it rots too slowly. A Slovenian Operational Group is exploring options to use the corn cob as an energy source on farms. Twelve different maize hybrids were sown on all the participating farms involved in the

Inspirational ideas: Optimal use of by-products of berry fruit production

FACCE-JPI funded international project OPTIBERRY is looking into high added value (non)-food applications to process or market the non-premium class fruit from raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry production. It targets innovative processing and biorefinery/extraction concepts to food prototypes and (non)-food ingredients for sustainable use of available berry biomass. “This valorisation will result in a more resilient

Inspirational ideas: Scooter – Vegetable waste: energetic and reuse opportunities

An Italian Operational Group, uses multi-step processes in order to give the maximum value to vegetable by-products and to reduce to zero the final waste and related environmental impacts. Residual biomass is digested by larvae to produce protein and lipids that can be used to produce renewable energy. The residues of the Larvae digestion could

Inspirational ideas: Olive stones to develop a new sustainable plastic

Spain is the world’s leading olive oil producer and therefore generates considerable waste during the stoning process. This waste is currently incinerated for power generation. However, Spanish Operational Group GO-OLIVA will work to find a high value-added application for this waste by producing a new sustainable material for oil packaging items. SOURCE: EIP-AGRI

Bio-waste generation in the EU: Current capture levels and future potential

The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) has teamed up with Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) to produce a report identifying the untapped potential to valorise bio-waste (garden and food waste) in Europe. The report details the current generation and capture rates of bio-waste for each EU27 Member State, plus Norway and the United Kingdom. Read the Report

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