Scientific Publications

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Lilli, M.A.; Paranychianakis, N.V.; Lionoudakis, K.; Kritikaki, A.; Voutsadaki, S.; Saru, M.L.; Komnitsas, K.; Nikolaidis, N.P. The Impact of Sewage-Sludge- and Olive-Mill-Waste-Derived Biochar Amendments to Tomato CultivationSustainability 2023, 15, 3879.

Tsafara, P.; Passadis, K.; Christianides, D.; Chatziangelakis, E.; Bousoulas, I.; Malamis, D.; Mai, S.; Barampouti, E.M.; Moustakas, K. Advanced Bioethanol Production from Source-Separated Bio-waste in Pilot Scale. Sustainability 2022, 14, 12127.

Passadis, K., Christianides, D., Malamis, D. et al. Valorisation of source-separated food waste to bioethanol: pilot-scale demonstrationBiomass Conv. Bioref. (2022),

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