WaysTUP! online meeting [Day 1]

Everyone in place...

…and the WaysTUP! project meeting is up and running with more than 55 participants, representing all 26 partners… 

The morning session of the first day included the presentation of the progress in three Work Packages: 

  • WP1. Identification of opportunities and barriers to utilisation of urban biowaste sources
  • WP2. Preparation of PILOTs
  • WP3. Demonstration of urban biowaste utilisation through PILOTs operation

During the evening session we had presentations elaborating on the next two Work Packages:  

  • WP4. A behavioural change approach for the collection of urban biowaste and usage of biowaste derived products with citizens & communities
  • WP5. Evaluation of PILOTs, end-products and new value chains from urban biowaste


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