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WaysTUP! announces its second Newsletter

In this issue you can find out about the progress of the project and its pilots, as well as get insights from our recent virtual meeting. We also introduce you to our sister projects and present selected project news and forthcoming events.  Ben Mills-Lamptey (bio-bean Ltd) explains in simple words how can coffee waste be

WaysTUP! online meeting [Day 2]

Day 2 and we meet again… …the WaysTUP! project online meeting concludes today with the presentation of the progress of the rest of the Work Packages: WP6. New business & marketing concepts along the entire value chain from urban biowaste WP7. Policy Implications and Recommendations WP8. Communication and Dissemination WP9. Project Management

WaysTUP! online meeting [Day 1]

Everyone in place… …and the WaysTUP! project meeting is up and running with more than 55 participants, representing all 26 partners… The morning session of the first day included the presentation of the progress in three Work Packages: WP1. Identification of opportunities and barriers to utilisation of urban biowaste sources WP2. Preparation of PILOTs WP3.

WaysTUP! is featured @hortibiz

WaysTUP! and its mission is presented on the article “Bio-waste is not waste anymore” at HortiBiz news portal. Read the Article

WaysTUP! is featured on the CORDIS news section

CORDIS, the European Commission’s primary public repository and portal to disseminate information on all EU-funded research projects and their results in the broadest sense, has announced the WaysTUP! project on its news section. See the post

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