WaysTUP! at the ECB Forum 2023

On June 6th WaysTUP! representatives participated in the ECB Forum 2023 investment event organized in Paris by the European Circular Bioeconomy Fund under the motto “Speed up Transformation”.

This was the opportunity to meet Europe´s bioeconomy leaders and listen to influencing people of the ECBF Bioeconomy Network and their insightful keynotes. Through the pitch session, a portfolio of promising technologies and business models was presented, while enlightened Venture Capital (VC) Panels provided the opportunity to learn more about the industry and how to transform traditional business models into impactful and promising investment targets.

The WaysTUP! partners also had the opportunity to interact and network with well-known experts, potential investors and VC funds supporting investments in the bioeconomy sector.

Investment Readiness Pack – Business support material
(click to download)


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