EU early warning on missing waste recycling targets

The EEA briefing on assessing progress towards EU waste recycling targets shows that 9 Member States — Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Slovenia — are currently on track to meet the main recycling targets for municipal waste and packaging waste for 2025 while 18 are at risk of missing one or more of them. The briefing summarises the main findings of 27 more detailed country profiles.

The European Commission, in cooperation with the EEA, shall publish early warning reports three years ahead of the target years. The purpose of the early warning reports is to identify each Member State’s prospects of meeting the targets, as well as to anticipate barriers to implementation. This will improve policy implementation and provide guidance on appropriate action that needs to be taken ahead of the target deadlines to achieve compliance.

Access the full report here.

Find out which policy measures WaysTUP! and the ROOTS initiative propose to achieve recycling targets and prevent (bio)waste generation here.


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