Insect Protein

Backgrounds and Objectives


Insects are efficient converters of organic waste into valuable protein for the feed industry. Many scientific studies have proven the suitability of insect meal as a high-quality protein source in animal feeds, especially for fish and poultry, given that both prey on insects in their natural environment.

This new waste-based insect industry challenges the traditional view of organic ‘waste’, by considering it a ‘resource’, and hence achieving a reduction of waste as well as retaining and upgrading valuable nutrients.

Thus, the WaysTUP! team decided to target the creation of insect protein (protein-rich insect flour) from source-separated bio-waste and meat and fish by-products in Alicante (Spain).



The city of Alicante houses the University of Alicante (UA). UA will work with its team of entomologist researchers, experts on the artificial breeding of Hermetia illucens, and other groups of bio-decomposing flies.

Ergo, the WaysTUP! project will introduce an alternative to the traditional treatment of bio-degradable waste: fly larvae rearing. During the treatment, the waste will be converted into larval bio-mass which contains high amounts of protein and fat that can be used in animal feeding.

Throughout the project, following a thorough safety analysis, enough robust data will be produced so as to make it possible to reach a favorable scientific opinion and even amendments to the legislation.

This will be a positive enabling step to the production and use of insect protein reared on organic waste as animal feed.


  • At the same time, it provides a high-quality resource for animal consumption, making maximum worth out of the production and treatment of biological consumables.
  • Furthermore, we accomplish all of this by basing the endeavor on insects’ natural development.




Universidad de Alicante


SAV Agricultores de la Vega de Valencia



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