Backgrounds and Objectives


Biochar is a carbon-rich, fine-grained, porous material, which is produced by thermal decomposition of bio-mass under oxygen-limited conditions at relatively low temperatures (250-700°C). It is an effective charcoal which can be applied to soil to offer both agricultural and environmental benefits. All studies carried out so far highlight the benefits of using biochar in terms of mitigating global warming and managing soil health.

Biochar is also characterized by the increase of biological and chemical stability. It is thus concluded that biochar appears to be a very promising alternative to facilitate carbon sequestration in agriculture.



This pilot will be implemented by the Chania team (Crete, Greece) at the premises of the Technical University of Crete (TUC) Campus. Feedstock material will be sewage sludge provided by the Municipal Enterprise for Water and Sewage of Chania (DEYACH). In addition, wood chips and pruning will be used as bulking agents that will be combined with the dewatered sludge before they enter the biochar unit. Excess heat and gas emissions produced by the biochar unit will be recirculated to the drying unit which will be equipped with an air pollution treatment unit (Venturi scrubber). The end-products will be the biochar and the off-gas concentrate (Pirolenhoso).

The air pollution system will produce a concentrate that will be rich in nutrients and micro-nutrients, called Pirolenheso. This concentrate, if diluted 1/100, can be used for nutrient addition to plants together with irrigation. On the other hand, the end-product of pyrolysis will be the biochar which can be used as soil improving and fertilizing material in agriculture.


  • WaysTUP! through a carefully designed series of actions that aim to quantify these benefits. The demonstration for the transformation of used sewage sludge into biochar will be the objective.
  • While already producing the eco-friendly resource biochar, the team will be generating Pirolenheso, increasing the value of the procedure and its circular economy base, which is WaysTUP!’s central pillar and motivation.


Chania (Crete)


Technical University of Crete


Technical University of Crete



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