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Backgrounds and Objectives


Meat by-products are costly to be treated and disposed of ecologically. There is a large variety of meat products but generally, most of them contain good amounts of nutrients like essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Meat by-products can be considered as raw materials for the creation of bio-molecules of interest like protein hydrolysates with relevant bio-activities or enzymes, extracts with functional properties or bio-active peptides.

Other applications are addressed towards inedible products like fertilizers, substances of interest for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry or energy generation. The available volume, its quality and nutritional properties, together with current legislation, regulate the potential use and processing demands for the residual raw materials.



With more than 100 years of experience in waste treatment and management, Agricultores de la Vega (SAV) as part and head of the WaysTUP! team will tackle the food recycling process from Valencia (Spain), in SAV’s facilities located in Paiporta (Valencia).

Feedstock will be meat by-products such as blood, bones, meat trimmings, skin, fatty tissues, horns, hoofs, feet, skull and viscerae, among others; fish by-products consisting of the heads, tails, skin, entrails, fins, and frames, and spent coffee grounds provided by SAV. The team will manage a capacity of 52,000 tonnes/year of waste treated.

Spent Coffee Grains will be utilized for the extraction of flavours, polyphenols and oils. Carotenoids will be obtained by fermentation. The production of functional ingredients will come from animal by-products i.e. active peptides and enzymes for tendering. The Food and Feed Pilot will also focus on the extraction of gelatine and active peptides.



  • By investigating these substrates, WaysTUP! will demonstrate the production of functional ingredients from animal by-products (active peptides, enzymes for tendering) in a city context.
  • The team will also emphasize in the sociological aspect of the recycling process, fighting to de-stigmatize the concept of waste not being valuable.




SAV Agricultores de la Vega de Valencia


SAV Agricultores de la Vega de Valencia



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