Coffee Oil

Backgrounds and Objectives


WaysTUP! works to provide efficient solutions for the utilization of spent coffee grounds which are currently quite unexplored. In turn, this allows the sustainable production of bio-based chemicals and materials originating from this raw material.

The process of valorization of spent coffee grounds (SCG) illustrates a practical example of a circular economy. Given the extensive research of SCG in the past, there are currently several practices demonstrating how coffee waste can be exploited within the circular economy framework, mainly related to composting and gardening practices as well as producing Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) bio-polymers.



This Pilot is supported by bio-bean Ltd. bio-bean is a growing, UK-based SME and the first company in the world to industrialize the process of recycling spent coffee grounds (SCG) into solid fuels. At present, bio-bean is conducting extensive research into further valorization of SCG into natural flavour extracts and as a raw material for plastics, brake pads and more.

In their installations in Alconbury, Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom), the unit will consist of extraction and collection chambers. The latter will contain various extracted coffee oils.

Moreover, auxiliary equipment such as heat exchangers, chillers, solvent recovery systems, solvent storage systems, and material handling systems will be required.



Through the development of this Pilot of the WaysTUP! project, the sustainable production of coffee oil will be demonstrated while revalorizing this raw material for the production of PHAs. It will result in the creation of new plastics being practically demonstrated.

At the same time, our partners at BIOPOLIS will scale-up the process of solid-liquid extraction of flavours, polyphenols from spent coffee grounds as well as their own technology for the fermentation process of carotenoids.

Overall, we will reach the conclusion that giving spent coffee grounds a second life while creating a more nature-friendly plastic material, is of the essence.


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