Newsletter #6

November 2022

In this issue we invite you to take an active part in the WaysTUP! project  by playing the waste sorting game to test your knowledge on waste sorting. Revisit “The ROOTS Policy Conference” and get the insiders’ view on the proposed circular policies for changing the biowaste systems and browse through “The WaysTUP! Circular” to discover the project’s latest news. “Stats for chats” present findings of the newly released ECN Data Report for the EU biowaste processing sector and don’t miss out on the most prominent “Forthcoming events” we have selected for you.


The WaysTUP! project is active in several countries through its “Pilot Cases”, but you can personally take part in it if you live in Athens, Barcelona or Valencia. In these cities, a special programme is in place to engage citizens and businesses.

Details on the “Join the loop” campaign as it is called can be accessed here. The campaign has recently launched the Sorting Game an educational game that tests your knowledge of waste sorting. 

Play the game by clicking the START button below…

WaysTUP! along with the projects HOOPVALUEWASTESCALIBUR and CITYLOOPS, all working together under the ROOTS Initiative – circulaR pOlicies for changing the biOwasTSystem – successfully organised the ROOTS Policy Conference at the European Committee of the Regions, Brussels on Tuesday the 27th of September 2022.

The initiative presented to several circular economy stakeholders the projects’ common position paper and elaborated on an in-depth policy discussion.

The discussion focused on the presentation of work performed and experience acquired by all projects and the provision of policy recommendations to overcome identified bottlenecks in the implementation of circular biobased economy. Specific recommendations were presented in the areas of Recycling targets and treatment plants; Waste and by-products; Insects for animal feed; Reducing biowaste generation; The citizens’ behavioural problem and Investment needs for fostering bioeconomy.

The vivid participation and valuable insights of all participating stakeholders has provided the ROOTS Initiative significant input, as well as confirmation and support to our Policy Recommendations.    

The Policy Conference Circular policies for changing the biowaste system was held at the European Committee of the Regions in Brussels, and hosted by the Region of Murcia. More than 24 companies and organisations active in the sector participated in the event, including: CETENMA, ITENE, ICLEI Europe, EUBIA, Prezero, FCC, Aqualia, SAV, BIR, GAIKER, UNIBIO, University of Alicante, IVIA, ENTOMO AGROINDUSTRIAL, UNIMORE, AMB Barcelona, City of Porto, CSCP, City of Valencia, Murcia City Council, Science for Change, RdA Climate Solutions and CluBE.

You can revisit the ROOTS Policy Conference and read the ROOTS policy paper here.



WaysTUP! publications

The WaysTUP! team is working hard to produce results and the fruits of its efforts are now showing. The following three peer reviewed articles have been published in high impact scientific journals. 
Tsafara, P.; Passadis, K.; Christianides, D.; Chatziangelakis, E.; Bousoulas, I.; Malamis, D.; Mai, S.; Barampouti, E.M.; Moustakas, K. Advanced Bioethanol Production from Source-Separated Bio-waste in Pilot Scale. Sustainability 2022, 14, 12127 [access].
Passadis, K., Christianides, D., Malamis, D. et al. Valorisation of source-separated food waste to bioethanol: pilot-scale demonstrationBiomass Conv. Bioref. (2022) [access].
Ballesteros, A. Duque, M.J. Negro, C. Coll, M. Latorre-Sánchez, J. Hereza, R. Iglesias, Valorisation of cellulosic rejections from wastewater treatment plants through sugar production, Journal of Environmental Management, Volume 312, 2022, 114931, ISSN 0301-4797 [access].  

Visit to the NTUA Pilot facilities with IMEC representatives

SUSTAINABLE CITY and IMEC met in Athens on the 13th of June 2022 on a WaysTUP! team-building meeting. The next day, SUSTAINABLE CITY, IMEC and the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature (HSPN) visited the Biosolvents pilot at the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). A workshop took place between the representatives of the Municipalities of Vari – Voula – Vouliagmeni and Elliniko – Argyroupoli, the School of Chemical Engineering of NTUA, SUSTAINABLE CITY, HSPN and IMEC. Read more

Presentations of the WaysTUP! Project

SUSTAINABLE CITY presented the WaysTUP! project during the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Directors of Local Authorities’ Financial Services “Investment – Development Planning & Management of Financial Values in Local Government”, which was held on 12-15/5/2022 in Xanthi, Greece. During the event, the Athens pilot, the project’s objectives, and the biowaste management schemes were presented.

In addition, the WaysTUP! Project was presented at the POWERPOOR Info-Day, which was held on the 17th of May in the Municipality of Souli, Greece. “SUSTAINABLE CITY” Cities’ Network General Manager, Mr. Ioannis Georgizas, along with other executives presented the WaysTUP! project, focusing on its objectives and how it promotes the circular economy through the methodology of biowaste management applied in the project.

WaysTUP! at the 1st Environmental Awareness Festival in Athens

The 1st Environmental Awareness Festival organized by the Municipality of Elliniko – Argyroupoli, was held on Sunday 5 June 2022 (World Environment Day) at the 1st Family Model Park of Agia Paraskevi, Elliniko. The Municipality of Elliniko – Argyroupoli, which takes part in the WaysTUP! Biosolvents’ Pilot made the official presentation of the biowaste collection scheme (brown bins network). Project Partner SUSTAINABLE CITY attended the festival and at the end of the event, distributed gifts related to the circular economy, environmental protection and biowaste to the children that participated in the activities organised.

New Deliverables 

WaysTUP! is a far-reaching project with ambitious goals and a clear benefit for Europe. Following the project progress new deliverables are being produced with significant insights on urban biowaste valorisation. In addition, WaysTUP! has introduced a new section on its website to enable access to all, with deliverables’ summaries translated into the local languages (Czech, Dutch, Greek and Turkish). You can access all public deliverables here.

The results of the European Compost’s Network new publication (ECN DATA REPORT 2022), cast new light on the contribution of bio-waste processing sector to the European bioeconomy in addition to the environmental and social benefits.

The report provides an in-depth analysis on the biowaste collected and treated from different waste streams in EU countries. Check out some interesting findings in the following:




The European exhibition and conference for Waste Management and the Circular Economy
18-20 April 2023, Bergamo – Italy
Waste Management Europe Conference and Exhibition is bringing together industry leaders, innovators, buyers, regulators and government to network, collaborate and debate the future of waste management and the sustainable eco-friendly solutions urgently needed by our planet. WME provides the ideal opportunity to showcase your products, technologies, innovations and solutions to the waste management and circular economy community. The WME Conference is the convening platform to engage in debate and thought leadership, share ideas and solutions to drive towards a greener and carbon neutral environment.

The Renewable Materials Conference 2023
23-25 May 2023, Siegburg / Bonn – Germany
The Renewable Materials conference 2023 will bring together leading producers, experts and other stakeholders, like policy-makers, to share recent updates and to discuss the future of renewable materials. Over three days, many innovative renewable materials options – based on biomass, CO2 and recycling – will be presented in over 60 presentations by prominent companies and discussed in 14 panel discussions. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking and exchanging ideas whilst above all, the conference will provide a fertile ground for cooperation along the value chain to accelerate developments and market launches.

EUBCE 2023
5-8 June 2023, Bologna – Italy
The 31st edition of the European Biomass Conference & Exhibit (EUBCE) brings together the greatest minds and the latest innovations in biomass, bioenergy, and bioeconomy with the aim of advancing research and market uptake. It has long become a world leading event based on a global forum for exchanging knowledge, debating policy options and addressing innovation in an open forum. Against this background, the EUBCE aims to highlight the role of the industry across all sessions and topics of the bioeconomy.

10th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management
21-24 June 2023, Chania – Greece
This Conference addresses the significant issue of sustainable solid waste management through the promotion of safe practices & effective technologies. The Conference aims to stimulate the interest of scientists and citizens and inform them about the latest developments in the field of municipal solid waste management. Separation at the source, biowaste utilization, waste-to-energy technologies, smart technologies, sludge management, and bioplastics constitute the main conference subjects. Special attention will be drawn to the valorisation prospects & the products from solid waste, such as biofuels, compost, materials, etc.

The WaysTUP! project counts 26 partners, each expert in their field, collaborating to transform urban bio-waste into valuable end products.

Our experts will be more than happy to answer to your questions or provide more info on the project.

Project Coordinator: Belén Miranda,



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