Regional pilot workshop in Greece #2

The final WaysTUP! regional workshop will take place in the frames of the 8th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management.

The WaysTUP! project and the NTUA BIOSOLVENTS pilot will be hosted on this virtual conference on the 24th of June 2021 from 11:15-13:30 CET in Session XII (Room 4) “LIFE – HORIZON EUROPE Master-class on Horizon Europe: How to win funds for your project? H2020 WaysTUP! Project Workshop”.

The THESSALONIKI 2021 Conference aims to stimulate the interest of scientific community, competent authorities of public and private sector and inform them about the latest developments and achievements in the field of solid waste management with special emphasis on municipal solid waste. Waste prevention, separation at source & recycling, biological Treatment (composting & anaerobic digestion), the treatment at central facilities constitutes priority subjects of the conference agenda.



Find out more on the conference here


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