Regional pilot workshops launch in the Czech Republic

A series of virtual workshops will take place in the frames of launching the WaysTUP! pilots.

The WaysTUP! pilots are launching, and a series of virtual workshops will take place one in each country that hosts them. These workshops will present the WaysTUP! project and the establishment of new value chains for urban biowaste utilisation, with a focus on the regional pilot(s). The goal of each workshop is to showcase a portfolio of new ‘urban biowaste to biobased products’ processes starting from different feedstocks to the local, regional and national stakeholders.

The first pilot workshop “Valorizing spent coffee ground and launching of the WaysTUP! project” hosted by NAFIGATE is about the “BIOPLASTICS” pilot and it will take place online on the 12th of May 2021.

The workshop will run in the local language.




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