The 11th International Bioeconomy Conference

14-15 June 2023, Leuna – GERMANY

For the 11th time, cutting-edge research meets economic game-changers, politics meets professional associations and companies, and founders and startups meet visionary thinkers and partners. The bioeconomy conference 2023 is a forum and key driver of progress in this area – and you are invited to help shape developments.

  • PANEL 1 – THE BIOINDUSTRIAL (R)EVOLUTION: The transformation of industry into a biobased circular economy has begun. An evolution? The next industrial revolution? New raw materials and processes promise freedom from emissions. Regional partnerships are proving to be more viable than global supply chains. The end of dependence on fossil raw materials and energy sources promises freedom and security. A panel focusing on the way towards a successful industry of tomorrow.
  • PANEL 2 – THE FUTURE IS CIRCULAR: Thinking and working in cycles puts production, procurement, and sales on a completely new footing. An approach cutting across the boundaries of traditional sectors: new forms of value creation and collaboration become possible, other investments and new skills are needed, new partnerships and business models emerge. A panel focusing on the success of the circular economy of the future.
  • PANEL 3 – THE PATH TO POST-FOSSIL CONSTRUCTION: Possibly the most overlooked key to drastically reducing emissions of greenhouse gases can be found in the construction industry. Instead of rather short-lived buildings made of concrete, we are now seeing timber construction, new materials, a transformation of construction and changed uses. The bioeconomy can provide the technological push required to drive this change. But how can this transformation succeed on an industrial scale? A panel focusing on construction and buildings of the future.
  • PANEL 4 -THE MAGIC OF PROTEINS: One thing is certain: if we want to feed everyone around the world, we need to produce our food in a fundamentally different way. The demands of the climate crisis must also be taken into account. At the same time, industry’s appetite for biobased raw materials is increasing rapidly. Where will we get our nutrients from in the future? Where do milk and cheese come from without cows, meat without factory farming, plants that are resistant to the effects of the climate crisis? A panel focusing on food and proteins.

This is the first time the conference is being held at a venue that symbolises successful industrial transformation like no other – Leuna. Chemical park and host to a world premiere.


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