Technical University of Crete completes their first field testing in pilot 7, Greece

The Technical University of Crete (TUC) is leading Pilot 7 (Chania, Crete). 

TUC produces biochar from sewage sludge provided by the Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant of Chania.

The first field testing, which was started in October of 2020 and completed in early April of 2021, was conducted at the campus of TUC. Greenhouse tomatoes were cultivated in pots with and without biochar amendment as soil improver.

Three conditions were tested: the “control” with no biochar amendment, the “dose 1” biochar treatment corresponding to 10 t of biochar per ha and the “dose 2” biochar treatment with 25 t of biochar per ha.

We are waiting for the results!

TUC biochar #2


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