Digital circular economy as a cornerstone of a sustainable European industry transformation

The use of digital technologies represents a major opportunity to scale up the circular economy and provide ideal types of solutions with a special focus on industrial settings but there are also some risks that need to be carefully assessed in this development.

This white paper explores the role of the digital transformation in the development of a circular economy. It also provides a vocabulary for the digital circular economy and insights to industry players on how the digital technologies can generate added value if put in a circular perspective.

The circular economy is one of the key elements in the European Green Deal. It aims at renewing the existing production and consumption system. Its goal is to optimise the functionality of products and materials, and to maintain this functionality for as long as possible, while minimising the production of waste and residues. Digital technologies are an enabler for the upscaling of the circular economy as they allow to create and process data and information required for circular business models and the complex demands of circular supply chains.

Source: ECERA European Circular Economy Research Alliance


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